Home News Low Gold Prices Lead Chinese to Tap into Gold Investing

Low Gold Prices Lead Chinese to Tap into Gold Investing


The current state of the gold market and other factors are enticing gold traders in China to increase purchases. Interestingly, the increase is in retail purchases. The Lunar New Year is coming up, as is the wedding season. Both of these factors coinciding with low prices mean that Hong Kong gold sellers are seeing more buyers coming in now.

Gold Is Still Trending Down

Gold is expected to end the year on a low note, partially because of the anticipated interest rate raise by the Federal Reserve. Add the positive equity market and increasing bond yields, and you have a situation that will send gold down a bit more. In fact, gold futures for February are down .09 percent now. The market signals that are used to determine probable future events also signal that there is likely to be more bad news for the price of gold in the near future.

Global Stagnancy Likely to Persist

The gold market in India is fairly stagnant and that seems to be the trend elsewhere. While this is expected in the current market, it signals that there is a chance for new investors to come in and pick up on some of the potential in gold trading, including futures. This isn’t necessarily something that is appropriate for all investors. However, it is a good opportunity for some.

Investors Should Think About the Future

All of this means that gold investors likely shouldn’t expect quick profits since gold isn’t an optimal short-term investment. Once the market begins to shift from the current bear market into more of a bull market, people with holdings in gold are going to find some profits. This is good news for people who are considering gold for their long-term trading portfolio.

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